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Micro e-mobility is making inroads with us!

News from „die Arlbergerin“:

It’s hard to imagine urban streets without them: e-scooters dominate the scene, moving nimbly and swiftly through the streets, weaving carefree past any traffic jam and getting riders to their desired destination in the shortest possible time. The conquest of cities by e-scooters has clearly already taken place. Whether Rome, Barcelona, Vienna – the trend is international. Now, interest in the e-scooters is starting to increase in the smaller communities as well. The municipality of St. Anton am Arlberg, always bold and happy in a Pionierrolle (Just think of the emergence of alpine skiing now 100 years ago, St. Anton rightly bears the nickname “the cradle of alpine skiing” ) once again shows itself innovative and initiates a Pilot project: micro e-mobility for guests and locals. To our knowledge, the municipality of St.Anton is the first tourist resort outside the big cities in Austria to make the use of e-scooters possible for guests and locals. And who is also at the forefront of this pilot project? Correct. Our hotel, “the Arlbergerin”, together with the feel-good pension Steinbock, which also belongs to us. From the end of June until Sept. 30, 2022, within the municipality will be approximately 40 E-Scooter set up in the territory of the municipality. Behind it are the municipality of St. Anton, the tourism association, the EWA (energy provider) and Tier Mobility, which has been operating internationally and climate neutrally since 2020 as the provider of the scooters.

Tier Mobility’s system in the mobility project is very simple: anyone who wants to use the TIER-App on his cell phone can unlock one of the scooters (the unlocking fee is 1.- Euro) and use it. The use is charged by time, one minute costs 0.27 euros. With the parking of the scooter

on one of the designated parking spaces you can log out of the usage again. The scooter parking spaces provided so far are located throughout the municipality on so-called „public“ Places, one of the most important is, of course, the one in the station area, because this will make it possible especially for all guests traveling consciously by train to, also still the last kilometer of the journey to us climate-neutral and still fast. And numerous other guests, who perhaps do not necessarily have the green idea in the foreground but rather the practical, have the possibility with the scooters at the station to get quickly, easily and cheaply to their guest accommodation. Our hotel “die Arlbergerin” is currently striving to become the first “private” parking lot for the e-scooters to make the way to our hotel as comfortable as possible for our guests. From train to Hotel St. Anton (depending on practice and experience) in 6 minutes. In purely arithmetical terms, this means that for the journey from the station to the „Arlbergerin“ (6 minutes driving time) there will be about 2,60 € in scooter fees.

  • Completely climate neutral
  • Completely uncomplicated
  • Completely flexible
  • Driving fun included.

The advantages of e-scooters for flexible mobility are obvious. You can move quickly and independently through the town, you are not tied to any departure times, you can reach points to which public transport does not necessarily lead, it is inexpensive, and it is easy to use. But what about the actual carbon footprint of an e-scooter? How environmentally friendly are the scooters really? There are numerous studies on this question that differ slightly in their approach but still come to a similar conclusion: We quote from the homepage of ePowers, one of the largest German information portals for electric mobility. The calculated values show that the electric scooter, including transport, production and ongoing operation, generates less CO2 than buses or trains in local public transport. Co2 in g/Pkm (Passenger kilometer is the unit of measurement for the transport performance in the case of the change of location of persons) PKW: 140g Public bus: 75g Tramway/subway: 65g E-Scooter: 9,8 g, bzw. 46g*, bzw. 26g** *including transport, production and ongoing operation calculated over the entire life cycle (loaded with electricity mix) **if the production of the scooter (mainly aluminum) is made in Europe Summary: E-scooters have lower CO2 balances than existing means of transport, even when assuming the highest possible load values. So there you go, e-scooters are clean and fun too! A few words about Tier Mobility, the provider of the scooters with whom the pilot project is being conducted: Tier Mobility operates throughout Europe, with branches and mobility partners from Scandinavia to Sicily. The Middle East, from Israel to the United Arab Emirates, also offers emission-free scootering with Tier as a mobility partner. In 2020, the company became the first supplier of micromobility to commit itself entirely to climate neutrality. A three-stage process was used to determine how much CO2 the production and supply processes generate. Work was also done to cut emissions in all areas of the company. As part of the sustainability efforts, used batteries are not simply disposed of, but an attempt is made to give them a second life. The German repair and recycling experts Vertical Values are responsible for this. For all those who feel motivated to participate in the pilot project, here is some general information about e-scooters and their use: The maximum legal speed for e-scooters is 25kmh. Permitted is the driving of Bicycle facilities, roadways on which cycling is permitted pedestrian zones, if permitted by the authorities, at speeds adapted to pedestrian traffic, and Residential streets and meeting zones with speed adapted to pedestrian traffic Of course, there are also prohibitions, so it is not allowed to: to allow a second person to ride on the electric scooter, to make phone calls without a hands-free device while driving, exceeding an alcohol limit of 0.8 per mille or to drive in a state impaired by an addictive substance. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride an e-scooter alone on public roads. We are already looking forward to the first guests rolling up to us with the e-scooter …

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