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The 4 most beautiful and easiest hiking trails in St. Anton am Arlberg

Away with the skis! St. Anton am Arlberg shows its true face in summer. Embark on these four easy trails and discover the beauty that makes even the mountains envious. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just want to enjoy nature, St. Anton am Arlberg offers a variety of hiking trails for all levels of difficulty Here are four of the easiest yet most beautiful hiking trails you can explore in St. Anton.

#1 Galzig – courage trail

The trail begins and ends at the Galzigbahn mountain station and leads you along gentle slopes and green alpine meadows. You can breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the tranquility of nature while hiking along the Mutspurenweg, a well-marked and easy to follow trail. From there you have a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and the valley. Along the way you will find cozy resting places. Take your time discovering the traces of the pioneers of the Arlberg. The reservoir, located in the middle of the hike, makes a perfectly idyllic picture. Incredible views await you, waiting to be discovered. The trail, which is just under five kilometers long, is suitable for young and old.

you can find here the interactive hiking map to the courage trail


I pack my hiking backpack and go on a light hike:

Was brauche ich alles für eine leichte Wanderung in meinem Rucksack?

Of course, here is a small list of the absolutely necessary things for an easy hike in the Arlberg: Backpack, hiking map or GPS device, water bottle, snacks (energy bars, nuts, dried fruit), sun protection (sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses), rain jacket (depending on the weather forecast) hiking boots or comfortable hiking shoes, hiking clothes (light, breathable clothing), first aid kit (with plasters, bandages, painkillers), cell phone and power bank, insect repellent garbage bag and money and ID.



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#2 Galzig – Mainsee – Sennhütte

Another impressive hike also starts at the Galzigbahn mountain station. Hike from the mountain station in the direction of St. Christoph. The path is well signposted and shows a beautiful panorama. After the descent you will reach the Mainsee, an idyllic mountain lake. The lake is surrounded by picturesque mountains and provides a perfect backdrop for a break and a picnic. Moreover, the lake also serves for cooling down after a leisurely hike under the sun. From there you can continue hiking along the Maienweg to the Sennhütte, where you can taste traditional Tyrolean dishes. On the way to the Sennhütte is the WunderWanderWeg, a world full of surprises. Learn a lot of interesting facts about native herbs, plants and animals at numerous experience stations. The trail is relatively easy and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery and discover local delicacies.

#3 Verwall Valley

This hike takes you through the enchanting Verwall Valley and offers a mix of natural beauty and cultural heritage.
Many impressive moments await you on the fabulous path all the way to the lake. It goes past meadows and forests to the emerald green Verwallsee. The Stiegeneck Chapel is a charming chapel in the middle of the mountains.

The place exudes a special spiritual atmosphere and offers a perfect opportunity for a short break. Interactive nature stations let you playfully immerse yourself in the myths and legends of the region. With all your senses you will learn at the four stations the stories about “The Treasure on Arlen”, “The Witch of Stiegenegg”, “The Schnanner Drajer” and “The Ghost of the Husband”. A tour around the lake is not to be missed. The lake is a power place and natural jewel. Embedded in pristine nature, the reservoir is a real eye-catcher. On the way to Verwallsee you can pass a steel cable suspension bridge that offers a breathtaking view of the waters of the Rosanna. Elegantly, the 35-meter bridge brings the two banks together 20 meters above the Rosanna. After this wonderful hike, you can indulge in culinary delights at the Wagner Hut. An advantage of this route are the emerging shadows of the trees, so your walk will be more pleasant and fresh. The lake is quite easy to reach on foot. However, the bus also goes to the valley.

#4 Way of St. James – mine

The Way of St. James is a unique hiking trail that combines history, nature and spirituality. The Way of St. James is a pilgrimage route that has also found a home in St. James. Mining is located in Gand. Can be easily reached via the hiking trail but also by bus. In the former mine you will get an insight into the mining history of the region. This trail is relatively easy and gives you the opportunity to explore both the cultural and natural side of St. Anton. At the Gand mine, history comes alive and long-hidden secrets are revealed. On the historical journey of another world you will learn more about the life of miners and everyday life in an ore mine.

You will get interesting information about geology, searching for ore, mining and separating the ore and its further processing. Go on the trail of the ore and experience the mountain from a different side. According to the latest findings, the Gand mine was already used in the 15. and 16th century ore mined. The marrow tunnel can now be explored again, after discovery by an amateur archaeologist. In three mining buildings you can experience history at first hand and learn more about the arduous work that was done there.

St. Anton offers an abundance of hiking trails suitable for hikers of all levels. From easy walks to more challenging routes, there is something for everyone to discover. The featured hiking trails, including Galzig-Mutspurenweg, Galzig-Mainsee-Sennhütte, Verwalltal and Jakobusweg-Bergwerk, offer you the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of St. Anton while discovering cultural highlights. Pack your hiking boots and get ready for unforgettable adventures in the Tyrolean Alps.

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