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in the restaurant Sonnbichl Stube
Kitchen 18:30 – 20:30

Experience daily from 18:30 hearty Tyrolean hospitality, as well as freshly prepared delicacies with ingredients from the region. Our chef James Richard will also be happy to whip up a vegetarian dish for you.

Enjoy the appropriate wine from our extensive wine list with each dish. Our host and summerlier Mathias has the best insider tips ready for you.

Table reservation required.

Our soups

Beef soup with pancakes
beef soup | sliced pancake

Soup of the day
soup of the dayp


Our main courses

Wiener Schnitzel | French fries | Granta
escalope Viennese | french fries | cranberry

Beirie Slices | Lettuce | Pine Nuts
pesto from sun-dried tomatoes | balsamic | parmesan
beef beiried steak | salad | pine nuts | pesto from sun-dried tomatoes balsamic | parmesan

Pike perch fillet fried
Roasted potatoes | pea puree | bacon | tartar sauce
fried pike perch fillet | roasted potatoes | pea puree
bacon | sauce tartar


Vegetable Gröstl
Fried egg
vegetable roast | fried egg

Vegan vegetable roast | roasted in olive oil
vegan vegetable roast | roasted in olive oil

Tyrolean cheese spaetzle | fried onions | small side salad
tyrolean cheese spaetzle | fried onions | side salad

Homemade spinach dumplings
Salad bouquet | Parmesan | brown butter
homemade spinach dumplings | salad bouquet
parmesan cheese | brown butter

Our desserts

Ice cream pancakes | vanilla ice cream| chocolate sauce | whipped cream
pancakes | vanilla ice | chocolate sauce | whipped cream

Apricot pancakes | cream
apricot pancakes | whipped cream

Sorbet one big scoop
Sorbet one big scoop

-mit Geist / with Spirit

Vanilla ice cream
Vanilla ice cream
-Affogato | Espresso | Hazelnut brittle
espresso | hazelnut crunch

-berries | eggliqueur | cream
berries | egg liqueur | whipped cream

Little insider tip

Every Tuesday fondue evening:

In winter every Tuesday we have our
fondue evening
takes place. On this evening there is no à la carte, but you will enjoy classic Fondue Chinoise with beef soup and a large selection of fresh side dishes.

You can also book a tasty Swiss cheese fondue per table upon advance reservation.

Your advantages in our restaurant

Exquisite wine list:

In our restaurant, for every dish there is also a suitable wine from our wine list. Sommelier and host Mathias Kometer pays attention to a wide selection of wines from all over Europe. We serve you noble drops, which round off your dishes tastefully. Should you wish to delve deeper into the world of wine, Mathias will be happy to explain to you what is important in a good wine.

Also suitable for vegetarians:

As tastes are different, our head chef James Pope tries to cater to all preferences. We offer dishes and menu suggestions with as well as without meat for our guests.

Sustainable cuisine:

In our restaurant we attach great importance to sustainability. For this reason, we avoid saltwater fish and seafood in our meals. In addition, we make sure that your dishes are conjured up from regional or even homemade products. We offer you culinary taste journeys without harming the environment.

Free parking:

Our guests can of course park in front of our Hotel St. Anton free of charge. So all guests can comfortably start your celebration in the restaurant.

Request table

Table requests for the same day are
only possible by phone.

Restaurant hotline:
+43 54 46 22 43


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