Menu - Restaurant "Sonnbichl Stube" in St Anton

Our menu

restaurant “Sonnbichl Stube”
kitchen from 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Experience daily from 6:00 PM warm Tyrolean hospitality as well as freshly prepared snacks with regional ingredients. Our chef Laura would also be delighted to whip up a vegetarian dish.

Enjoy the right wine to complement every dish from our extensiv wine list. Our host and wine taster Mathias has the best secret tips ready to share with you.

Our appetizers

cream of asparagus soup

soup of the day

burrata/ tomato salad / balsamic vinegar

salad of asparagus / walnuts / parmesan

salad from buffet

Our soups

cream of asparagus soup

soup of the day

Our main dishes

escalope Viennese / french fries / cranberry

fried salmon trout fillet / asparagus / sauce hollandaise / oarsley / potatoes

Entrecoté / asparagus / sauce hollandaise / parsley potatoes

easter ham / asparagus / sauce hollandaise / parsley potatoes

asparagus cordon bleu / asparagus / sauce hollandaise / parsley potatoes



vegetable gröstl / egg

vegan gröstl / in oliveoil roasted

spinach dumpling / salad bouquet / parmesan cheese

Our desserts


apricot pancakes

Mango Mousse

vanilla ice cream / espresso / hazelnut crunch

Little secret tip

Fondue night every Tuesday:

Our fondue night is held every Tuesday in the winter. There is no à la carte on this evening, instead you can enjoy classic Fondue Chinoise with beef soup and a large selection of fresh sides.

You can also book a delicious Swiss cheese fondue per table in advance.

The benefits of our restaurant for you

Exquisite wine menu:

In our restaurant, we have the perfect wine from our wine menu for every dish. Wine taster and host Mathias Kometer keeps a wide selection of wines from all over Europe. We serve fine wines that complement your food perfectly. If you would like to dive deeper into the world of wine, Mathias will happily explain to you what a good wine is all about.

Also suitable for vegetarians:

Since tastes differ sometimes, our chef Laura tries to satisfy every preference. We offer our guests dishes and menu suggestions with and without meat.

Sustainable kitchen:

We place great value on sustainability at our restaurant. That is why our dishes do not include any saltwater fish and seafood. We also make sure that your dishes are made with regional and even homemade products. We offer a culinary journey without harming the environment.

Free parking spaces for guests:

Naturally, our guests can park in front of our hotel “Die Arlbergerin” free of charge. This way, all guests can get to your celebration at the restaurant with ease.

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Restaurant hotline: +43 54 46 22 43

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