Winegrowers' trip ✔️ off on holiday before the harvest ????️

Dear winegrowers, wine merchants and those who would like to become partners of our hotel. Before the big harvest, we have put together a great holiday package especially for winegrowers. In keeping with the motto off on holiday before the harvest, we present the winegrowers’ special to you here. Take advantage of the 15% business partner discount and book your summer holiday in the mountains in pleasant temperatures now.

Winegrowing holiday on the Arlberg

Your advantages at a glance:

  • live in the new design hotel die Arlbergerin | -15% with promo code
  • Lifestyle breakfast | healthy | vital
  • St. Anton Summer card
  • visit your customers with a cosy glass of wine on the sun terraces
  • get to know the Arlberg in summer too

As a winegrower, use the Promo code: Winzer22 and book your summer holiday in the mountains with our 15% vintner special

And this is how the winemaker booking works

  1.  visit our website
  2. click on book now
  3. choose the Hotel die Arlbergerin
  4. choose your desired holiday period and room category
  5. place your request in our shopping cart
  6. now winemaker Promo code: Winzer22 enter and click use promo code
  7. Book online



book a wine tour now and save 15%

Refreshing holiday in the mountains

Even if the term “summer retreat” may seem somewhat antiquated, the principle is by no means. In the dictionary of the Brothers Grimm, the Summer retreat described as a “recreational stay of the city dwellers in the countryside during the summer time. Out of the hot cities, into the cool and relaxing nature. A good idea in view of ever new heat records in the summertime. In St. Anton am Arlberg you benefit not only from shady trees and green meadows. At an altitude of over 1,300 metres above sea level, the mountains also help to ensure that it doesn’t get too hot during the day and the nights are pleasantly cool.

The fresh mountain air provides for restful sleep and also guarantees that you can breathe easy during the day.

Luckily, because around the Die Arlbergerin there is a lot to experience.


book a wine tour now and save 15%


You still have questions about your holiday?

You still have questions about the package offer? Just give us a call (+43 5446 2243) or write us a E-Mail.

We look forward to seeing you!
Kind regards from St. Anton am Arlberg,
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