Asparagus weeks on the Arlberg from 6th April 2022

Spring is finally here and with it comes: asparagus!

Because every year, springtime is asparagus time!


Winter is rapidly coming to an end and with the first long and warm days of spring, we wish for something new and invigorating not only in terms of temperatures but also in terms of culinary delights. After months of cold and short days, we are full of anticipation for the warm season, looking forward to the short-sleeved T-shirts and dresses, the light sandals and shedding the thick winter jackets and scarves. Finally, out again without gloves!

And just as we want to experience lightness outdoors, we now want lightness in the kitchen. This is where the all-time classic asparagus comes in handy! Every spring, the first asparagus of the year delights us all. After all, asparagus stands for the new beginning of the harvest every year, and for the lightness of enjoyment.

Our kitchen has come up with numerous creative ways to celebrate the classic of spring and lightness: We have dedicated a separate menu to it this year.

Extract from our Asparagus Menu:

White and green asparagus with Hollandais sauce | Parsley potatoes and a choice of the following to go with it

  • Entrecote
  • Salmon trout
  • Easter ham



Chef Jim Pope and our hotel and restaurant managers Babsi and Mathias brainstormed together to create imaginative asparagus dishes.

new á la carte asparagus menu

From Wednesday, 6 April, the guests of our a la carte Restaurants “Sonnbichl Stube” choose from the numerous variations on the asparagus menu.

A fine cream of asparagus soup opens the round of asparagus delicacies. Light, creamy and with the incomparable aroma of fresh asparagus – this is the start of sensuality and joie de vivre. An asparagus cordon bleu with hollandaise sauce and parsley potatoes is just as much waiting to be discovered by gourmets as the salmon trout or the entrecoté with asparagus accompaniment.

Of course, only the right wine makes the pleasure complete.

Our wine list reads like a foray through Europe: Italy, South Tyrol, France, Spain: the best-known wine countries are represented here with a wide range. Memories of the last holiday in the south come to mind with names like: “Hacienda Monastero” or “Chateau Haut Marbuzet”. But the largest selection of good wines – how could it be otherwise – comes from Austria, the wine country par excellence. From all the well-known growing regions of the country, we find a few representatives of the provinces of Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria, selected with love and expertise, on our wine list they are all united in a merry circle.

We have been in close contact with our suppliers for years and convince ourselves of the current offers every year. To ensure that the right wine is chosen to accompany the asparagus, restaurant manager Mathias Kometer is happy to advise guests personally.

The asparagus menu will remain in the restaurant until the Easter holidays, and to get in the right mood for the Easter season we also offer the traditional Easter ham – accompanied by asparagus.

Whether you want to book a place in our Sonnbichl Feinschmeckerei or in the traditional Sonnbichl Stube reserve, the taste experience is guaranteed.
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By the way, did you know that asparagus not only has an incomparable taste, but is also one of the absolutely healthy and highly digestible foods. Asparagus helps the body to drain and invigorates – this has been known since ancient times. Especially after the winter season, when we may have eaten a little too rich, asparagus works wonders for the body.

Back to our gourmet restaurant and the Sonnbichl Stube:
Not only during the asparagus season do we offer enjoyment at its best.

Good cuisine – or to put it precisely: exceptionally good cuisine – has a long tradition with us. The good reputation was established by the senior chef Roswitha Kometer, who has been able to inspire guests from near and far with her culinary art for decades. She is still active today, and her cakes and biscuits in particular have a real following.The guests of the house are allowed to taste the small delicacies that are provided every day, and they truly do so with enthusiasm.

Rarely does a day go by without another guest (usually the ladies) asking after the tasting: “May I have the recipe, please? Or is it a secret?
No, it’s not secret and we’re happy to pass it on.

Today, the chef’s sceptre is in the hands of Jim Pope, who has been a worthy successor to the senior chef for a few years now, ensuring the good reputation of the gourmet restaurant.
Hotel die Arlbergerin, Pension der Steinbock, the Feinschmeckerei and the traditional Stube – a strong quartet that pampers its guests in each.

Whether you stay with us as a house guest or as an á carte guest in the restaurant – the whole team, which is perfectly attuned to each other, will ensure that you have an enjoyable stay in our house.

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We look forward to seeing you!
Kind regards from St. Anton am Arlberg,
The brother and sister

Barbara & Mathias Kometer

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