🎿 Off-piste skiing on the Arlberg: a master instructor introduces you to the magic of powder snow! ⛷️

Off-piste skiing | Top equipment with ski guide


Our insider tip for your ski guide on the Arlberg!

Welcome to a journey through the fascinating world of off-piste skiing on the Arlberg! But today I would like to talk to you about a special adventure that only those who venture off the beaten track can experience: off-piste skiing. Why off-piste?

The endless snow fields, the majestic mountain landscapes and the untouched nature make off-piste skiing on the Arlberg an unforgettable experience. But caution is advised! Without the right equipment and an experienced guide, this adventure can quickly become dangerous.

The top 5 questions before the off-piste adventure

  1. Do you have the right equipment?
    An avalanche transceiver, an avalanche probe and an avalanche airbag vest should be mandatory.
  2. Are you fit enough?
    Off-piste skiing requires a higher level of physical resilience. Make sure you are in good shape.
  3. Can you recognize avalanche situations?
    Understand the danger of avalanches and learn to recognize the signs of unstable snow conditions.
  4. Do you have an experienced guide?
    Never ride off-piste alone! An experienced guide not only knows the best routes, but also ensures the safety of the group.
  5. Do you know your terrain?
    Find out about the terrain where you want to ride. Map study and local knowledge are crucial.



Our top 5 ski guides on the Arlberg – insider tip ♥

  • Benni Walch – Ski school Arlberg | state-certified ski instructor
    With years of experience, Benni is not only an outstanding ski instructor, but also a passionate off-piste guide.
  • Patrick BätzSki school Arlberg| state-certified ski instructor
    Patrick’s love of nature and his extensive knowledge of the region make him an ideal companion for off-piste adventures.
  • Katharina Schuler – Self-employed ski instructor| state-certified ski instructor
    Katharina is not only independent, but also self-confident in the mountains. Her knowledge of the Arlberg region is impressive.
  • Regina WinterstellerSelf-employed ski instructor| state-certified ski instructor
    Regina not only brings her passion for skiing with her, but also a deep understanding of safety aspects off the slopes.
  • Bodhi van Kuijk – Ski School St. Anton Classic | SCA Ski Club Arlberg Trainer | state-certified ski instructor
    Bodhi combines style and substance. His knowledge of the St. Anton region makes him one of the most sought-after off-piste guides, and as an SCA trainer he also brings valuable safety knowledge to every tour.


Off-piste skiing – safety comes first

Off-piste skiing on the Arlberg is a unique experience that pushes the boundaries of the ordinary. But always remember: safety comes first. With the right guides and the right equipment, your adventure will be an unforgettable experience. Pack your skis, follow your guide and let’s discover the magic of the Arlberg together!


Hotel Die Arlbergerin – Where luxury meets adventure:

The ideal accommodation for your off-piste vacation on the Arlberg

Looking for the perfect accommodation for your off-piste vacation on the Arlberg? Your search ends here! Let me introduce you to the hotel “Die Arlbergerin” – an oasis of luxury and comfort that harmonizes perfectly with the wild beauty of the alpine landscape.
A look at “Die Arlbergerin”


Urlaubsideen im Winter

This hotel is in a great location in St. Anton am Arlberg and offers not only a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain landscape, but also a first-class location for skiing enthusiasts. The slopes are just a stone’s throw away, and the peaceful surroundings of the hotel invite you to relax after a day of adventure.

Design and style:
The Arlbergerin impresses not only with its location, but also with its modern yet cozy design. Every detail of the hotel has been carefully selected to create an atmosphere of elegance and alpine charm. The rooms are spacious, with warm wood tones, luxurious fabrics and modern amenities.

Wellness and relaxation:
After a day in the deep snow, the small sauna area offers an oasis of relaxation to regenerate tired muscles and revitalize body and mind.

Culinary delights:
The Arlberg native attaches great importance to culinary enjoyment. The hotel’s restaurants offer a varied selection of dishes, ranging from regional specialties to international delicacies. The breakfast is rich and full of energy, perfect for a day on the challenging off-piste routes.
The perfect starting point for off-piste adventures

Ski dryer and equipment room:
The hotel has special facilities for skiers, including heated ski boot racks and a secure equipment room. Your ski equipment is therefore in good hands and ready for any trip into the backcountry.

Expert tips for off-piste routes:
The Arlberg native works with experienced local ski guides who not only know the best off-piste routes, but also guide the group safely through the snowy wilderness. The hotel staff are on hand with information and advice to ensure that your off-piste adventure is unforgettable.

Shuttle service:
A free ski bus (every 10 minutes) takes you comfortably to the ski lifts and picks you up again after a day in the powder snow. So you can enjoy the freedom of off-piste skiing without having to compromise on comfort.

The Arlberg combines luxury, comfort and adventure in a unique way. From the spectacular views to the tasteful design and the tailor-made services for ski enthusiasts, this hotel offers everything you need for an unforgettable off-piste vacation on the Arlberg.
Book now and experience the perfect symbiosis of alpine luxury and winter adventure!

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